Hetero is not the same as Homo

I was watching “Will and Grace” the other day and the character Jack made a remark about Will’s weight. When Grace said “He’s not fat”, Jack replied “Homo thin is not the same as hetero thin”.

A few days ago, one blog I stumbled upon had a post about flirting. He wrote that sometimes he wondered about the groping and the inappropriate remarks. He also stated that some touching and those remarks were made by straight men to women. I’ve only noticed when females have hit on me and although uncomfortable because I know that it would never go anywhere, I would never have thought it inappropriate.

So I want to ask you…you can answer humorously, sarcastically, or honestly. What  kind of differences do you notice?


4 Responses to “Hetero is not the same as Homo”

  1. Lemuel Says:

    The difference I notice is the difference between a “wanted” advance and an “unwanted” advance. It would not make much difference (in a sense) if it were hetero or homo. (Although obviously I would be almost exclusively open only to the latter.) If I wanted him to make an advance, he could do just about anything he wanted to do, touch me anywhere he wanted to touch. If I were turned off by him and I did not welcome his advance, I’d tend to want to send him into the next county if he looked at me crosswise. In theory, it would be the same for “her”.

  2. eric Says:

    I’ve noticed that, in general, there’s tendency for people to be more skeeved by untoward advances by a male to a female than any other combination as there’s that still-underyling idea of a man being inappropriate to a woman as somehow taking advantage of her. Even an older guy hitting on a young guy isn’t quite up to the level. Always intrigued me.

  3. deldell Says:

    I think the stakes are a little higher when it’s a man toward a woman, because the woman is perceived as weaker and the possibility of pregnancy. And guy might just get annoyed, but a woman is more likely to feel threatened.
    It’s the same males versus females

  4. deldell Says:

    It’s the same with males versus females having sex with underage partners. If it’s a man doing it, everybody wants to kill him. If it’s a woman, most people think, “lucky little guy”.
    I think it’s partly biological conditioning and partly socialization.

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