The Weather

I went to the beach yesterday with some friends. It was incredibly hot (temperature wise). It was so hot, I was uncomfortable.

I couldn’t believe all the people laying in the sand soaking up the sun. The mix of sweat and oil glistening on their baking skin. I had to sit in the shade of a rented tent and guzzle down gallon upon gallon of water to keep from dehydrating. What got me was the guys (and yes it was nice eye candy–six packs on everyone of them) who were playing volleyball! How did they find the energy to hop around like that in the sun?

Of course the ocean is gorgeous. The view was incredible. But it almost seems like torture to bake like that under the sun. I don’t know how people could do it. If only it wasn’t so hot. I could sit on that sand and people watch.  I love making up stories about the people I see and wonder what kind of conversation is going on between them. It’s a game I play with myself or anybody willing. Since I was with my buddies and they were in the water, I couldn’t play this game.

I know that most people love the sun. I love pictures of summer and the beach. I just don’t like the super hot temperatures that go with it.


8 Responses to “The Weather”

  1. mikeyx121 Says:

    Sweaty six pack men glistening under the sun all wet!! YUMMY!!

  2. Matt Says:

    Spend a few months in Seattle and you’ll be more than happy to go back to HOT sunny beaches …

  3. Sam Says:

    I’m right there with ya John. Beaches are much more enjoyable in the winter months if you ask me, or at night during the summer. I can take it in the early morning during the summer, but not when the sun is just pounding everything in sight. There’s always sunscreen and hats… this is one of those things that makes me start to notice my age. I can remember when I could spend the day on a beach during the summer and not feel like I just had to get away.

  4. deweydjb Says:

    I really hate summer. I am not fond of the heat. I don’t mind a beach if I can get into the water… and that makes me cool, but I can’t just lie in the sun… it is really hot in Baltimore this weekend and I have had a raging headache all day, I think because of the heat. I don’t mind glistening guys, though!

  5. BruceCleveland Says:

    You already no my views on the state of Florida!! Though I do love Key West…I can only take a view hours in the sun when I sun bath…I get bored very easily and well hot and sweaty too. At least you had some views to keep you occupied.

  6. somewhere joe Says:

    I usually bring an umbrella or find a spot near a palm tree – I love the sun and sand, but like a little shelter nearby as well. Given a bit of shade, I can loll on the beach all day – the song of the surf and the ocean meeting nothng but a big blue sky is bliss.

  7. urspo Says:

    I went to a medical school that thought hydration was the panacea for everything, so don’t feel badly bout keeping well watered!

  8. Lemuel Says:

    We are approaching my “cabin fever” months – I stay in to avoid the heat.

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