Not So Ordinary

I watched Charlotte’s Web this weekend. I’m not sure what possessed me to rent the movie. I think it had a lot to do with wanting to watch something that didn’t require a lot of thinking. I ended up enjoying it a lot.  It reminded me a lot about life, how very different creatures can come together and still love one another despite their differences. I felt it was about how everyone deserves their chance at life, even if they are the runts and that no one can make the call that a person shouldn’t be able to live happily.

There was a line in it that caught my attention. I’m sure I will screw this line up, but the it was about how when two very ordinary things come together, they become not so ordinary. I likened this to certain friendships/relationships. You can take two very run of the mill persons. Alone there isn’t anything that is so spectacular about either one. Nothing stands out and for the most part, you can’t remember anything extra-ordinary about that person. But because of their reaction to you, a certain characteristic that you bring out, the person can suddenly shine like a bright light.

It happens to all of us. There are certain people who we attach ourselves to that bring out that smile that catches someone else’s eyes. A person who can boost your self-esteem and so self confidence is suddenly more noticeable.

It’s those ordinary persons in our lives that make us unique.

Have a good week!


9 Responses to “Not So Ordinary”

  1. BruceCleveland Says:

    So very philosophical (spelt wrong I am sure). Yah I didn’t expect to enjoy the movie much either when I rented it…and it was a very pleasant and moving movie. Though I still have to say the original animated version will always be my favorite! 😉

    Someone’s dull copper coin is another person’s shiney penny. Someone’s junk is another one’s treasure. It is all about how you perceive people that makes them shine for you. That is why you can’t judge a book by it’s cover…the story inside could be a lot more interesting then it seems. Sorry for all the cliche’s but they fit so well here 😉

    John you are a shining light for me!!

  2. Lemuel Says:

    I’ve not seen the movie, but, given you insight, it is now on the agenda.

    Life can be full of surprises, giving us what is unique and special from what appears on the surface to be ordinary and of little note. We should never discount any person or any event. Each may bring us special joy.

  3. urspo Says:

    in sunday school we called it the divine paradox
    Major things happen in small ordinary events, like meetings and coming together. God doesn’t have to show off; he has no need.

  4. Daniel Says:

    Worlds can be shattered and formed together again, from a single glance or a smile.

  5. steve Says:

    I had a teacher who read this book to us in elementary school. I then bought it and read it again and again. I have yet to see the movie – I think I felt I might be disappointed that wouldn’t live up to the book.

    I’m going to get it now. If I walk away with these same thoughts, it will have been worth the rental/purchase.

    Thanks for the insight JohnMichael!

  6. mikeyx121 Says:

    ordinary can be extraordinary!
    Even a simple finger can be something special *wink* you can show direction is what I am talking about! Get your mind out of the gutter!!!

  7. somewhere joe Says:

    I haven’t seen the movie, but hear good things about it. I like the idea that two ordinary people can be catalysts for one another – and together make something greater of each.

  8. Kris Says:

    Oh wow, I never even considered watching the movie but I’m gonna change that. It’s on my queue to be rented this week.

  9. Kris Says:

    Ya know, having made friends with some bloggers, some actually helped boost my confidence and them believing in me made me believe in myself even more.

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