A Talent

Yesterday I watched “America’s Got Talent”.  Yeah, not particularly great entertainment, but entertainment none-the-less. I’m a sucker for reality shows. I’m a huge sucker for American Idol. For some reason, people showing off in front of the camera entertains me. I even get drawn into the whole judges bickering drama.

Anyway, American’s Got Talent is down to their top twenty and from twenty they’ll become 10. Ten people will make the cut. There was one talent in particular that I was surprised to see there. The talent is a guy who dresses up like female pop stars and dances to their music. I’m not really sure that it would really qualify as talent, but more as entertainment. Usually I would change the channel because I’m more interested in the singing and dancing talents, but during his interview he said something that caught my attention. He said something about not being afraid to live his passion. In other words, be true to your dreams and aspirations. And not to hide from yourself.

So I watched him impersonate Britney Spears. And I was amused and laughed (not at him, but with him). One of the bloggers who I chat with regularly, Brad  once told me, to live and let live. In the short time that I’ve been blogging, I’ve learned to see others for who they are. If I want others to respect me and understand me, I’ve also got to do the same.  And you know what? I voted for the impersonator!! It’s not that his talent was extra-ordinary. It was the heart and the strength that he put behind what he does that makes him extra-ordinary.


11 Responses to “A Talent”

  1. roy Says:

    There’s no better reason to vote for someone than the reason you just gave.

  2. Doug Says:

    I totally agree.

  3. Lemuel Says:

    There is a key in what you write to a lot that is missing in our world: our willingness to respect/understand others as an initial step to being respected and understood.

  4. Brett Says:

    Brad is a very wise man. I have always felt that a real sign of maturity and self confidence is the ability to let others live their lives as they need to without being critical or judgmental – that shows respect, not only for them but for yourself. It is a personal attribute that I continue to work on or a regular bases – congratulations to you for having achieved it!

  5. Jim Says:

    A couple of great points! Innate talent is one thing, being acknowledged for that talent requires the passion and drive you mention. I think being honest with yourself is the only way to get there 🙂

  6. Brad Says:

    See, a few months ago that sort of thing might have made you mad. I’m glad you can relax and enjoy it, John. Your ability to evolve always impresses me.

  7. stevewhirlyworld Says:

    His life is real…he is living who he really is – I think that is what’s drawing people into him. Very honest.

  8. Daniel Says:

    I loved the Karate guys. They had such trust, love and respect for each other, and the children they taught. I thought it was awesome.

  9. carl r Says:

    I can sort of understand impersonating female pop stars, but why Britney Spears? Why not someone with talent?

  10. mikeyx121 Says:

    just poppin in to say hey!! and miss you sexy ass!!

  11. mikeyx121 Says:

    oh shhhhhhhhhhhh lol

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