I don’t know how well my Mom’s gaydar works. Or does she sense a certain something in me her elder son? I’m the one she calls for advice on furniture purchases, remodeling their home and even fashion advice. When I am home, she takes me on shopping trips, often asking me about items she’s going to purchase. If she has an event to attend, she asks me which purse goes with which shoes and if I think what she is wearing is appropriate.

When my parents purchased and built their vacation home, once again I was asked which pieces of art, knick knacks and furniture could be transferred from their house to the second one (and when those pieces of furniture were transferred, what should be purchased to replace it).

Surprisingly, all this stuff bores me. I hate shopping. Usually I know what I need before going to the mall. I don’t like browsing through racks of clothes. I certainly don’t know what shoes go with what accessory. I could care less whether or not a dress is appropriate for what event and whether or not other people will be staring.

She would never think to ask my more masculine brother for his opinion. In fact, I don’t recall a time when she asked him to go shopping with her. When we were younger, she would always get a sitter for him when we went to the mall. He chose to remain outdoors (where I would have liked to have been too–I liked roaming through the forest that surrounded our backyard). She said he was too noisy and figgited too much to bring to the department stores. I was only quiet cause I had really nothing to say on any matter. However, she always seemed to drag my sister and I through the mall without hesitation.

I don’t know why she would assume that I actually liked this sort of activity. I don’t know why anyone would subject themselves to hours of shopping and playing matching with accessory items.

On the contrary, my brother likes to be neatly pressed. When he and his wife purchased their first house, he traveled as far as a Texas furniture showroom to decorate his house. He was involved with his wedding preparations as his wife (making sure it was perfect). When they did some remodeling with additions to his house, he picked the tiles and the color schemes.I need to send him Mom’s way the next time she wants to find the right touch for her next event.

To this day, I wonder why she would think I liked that kind of stuff.


7 Responses to “Surprise!!”

  1. Lemuel Says:

    Perhaps we should have both you and your brother tested for the gay gene. 🙂

  2. Steven Says:

    I was thinking the same thing Lemuel said.

    As of last night, Mom was still trying to get me to go on a riverboat cruise through Chicago when I said something that perhaps I shouldn’t have said. We live only 2 blocks apart and it seems like we (Mom and I, or Mom, Dad and I) do a lot together. Last night I finally said, “You know, I’m almost forty and I don’t know if I like the idea that a child is still tagging along with his parents at that age.”

    Despite the fact that you don’t like these subjects, hold dear that she still keeps in touch with you and keeps you in her life. Unless she gets like my mother. 😉

  3. deldell Says:

    You might not enjoy the activity, but maybe Mom senses your talent in those areas.

  4. Kevin Says:

    Most mothers often recognize that “something is different” about their gay sons. That is why many mothers are not surprised when they are told. Whether they are happy about it is another matter. Perhaps this is her way of saying “I accept you”.

    All I can say is relish the close connection you have with your mother. Sadly there are some of us who wish they had that connection. Although I am not out, my mother and I have been at opposite corners for years and have very little contact.

  5. urspo Says:

    i agree with kevin – and add she maybe supposing as lots of people do that gay = fashion sense. if that were only indeed true!
    it reminds me of the time my brothers called me to ask about barbie for his stepdaughter – he assumed i know this stuff….

  6. Jason Says:

    Sometimes people drop you hints to let you know its ok to be yourself. I suspect that’s what this is.

  7. Jim Says:

    Maybe you have skills in that area despite not liking it. Maybe she noticed that skill. I dislike mall shopping too, I do it all on the internet.

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