Alone Again, Naturally

Today I had lunch with my parents. We were discussing one of my cousins who was having problems with in-laws. Naturally of course they took my cousin’s side. I said we weren’t sure who’s to blame since we only hear one side. My mother of course said the other party was to blame because we all know how sweet, kind, and caring my cousin is–after all we grew up with her. She’s my mother’s favorite niece and could do no wrong.

My mother than said, “If you never get married, you can take care of Daddy and I when we’re old. This was we don’t have to deal with in-laws”. She then said, “Do you plan to marry”? My father named a couple of his brothers who were bachelors–never married. I wondered. I had never met those uncles, but I wondered if they had those portions of sexual genetics I had inherited. I’m thinking probably. My father told me, it would be alright not to get married, to focus on my career and such.

I may never get married, but I’m determined not to be alone.


6 Responses to “Alone Again, Naturally”

  1. KipEsquire Says:

    I’m determined not to be alone.

    Judging from what I read here, I wouldn´t worry too much about that. =)

  2. Steven Says:

    Here’s to your determination! 🙂

  3. Lemuel Says:

    Oh, your Mom and I have got to have a talk!

  4. Another Steven Says:

    I agree no one should be alone, I have been reading your blog for a while now. You seem like such a good person that I think anyone would be really lucky to have you.

  5. Daniel Says:

    I’ll wager you they’ve had long talks about it. Hopefully the bit about taking care of them in their old age was just an opening gambit, to try to let you know they “understand”.


  6. Matt Says:

    I’m thinking the same as Daniel. Your parents have at least asked each other the question. And it sounds like they’re approaching you about it in their own way. Sounds like whoever you are, they love you and value you.

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