I’ve Been Lazy

I’m sorry I haven’t been visiting blogs or posting anything lately. And I do have a lot to write about, I just haven’t had the energy to come here and write (and I’m not physically tired, just a little mentally tired). There are so many things that I want to write about–about coming out to some of my friends, about not coming out to family, my views on the whole situation. I am still going to write about all that stuff. But for right now, just accept my apology for not writing.

So much is going through my mind right now. I’m still reeling in the fact that one of my best friends from college didn’t think anything of it when I said “I’m gay”. Of course there was the few seconds of stun, but for the most part he didn’t react. Just the fact that he said, “as long as you keep loving me and my family, nothing has changed and it won’t”. And then our conversation went on as usual.

This weekend I hung out with some of my cousins and family friends (people I have grown up with and are more than family to us). And I still couldn’t bring myself to tell them. My cousin Dennis (the cousin I had come out to) had told me that it might be better not to say anything to them. He told me that he didn’t want to squash the me that wanted to express myself, but to protect my feelings. This weekend I understood a little of what he was saying, that maybe in some cases it is better left unsaid.

So so much going through my mind right now. But I’ve got a sunroof right?

Thanks for being patient and reading the sporadic posts that I write. Thanks for the support that you have given me throughout my almost two years of writing. And thanks in advance for the support that I hopefully will continue to get as I go through this journey.


12 Responses to “I’ve Been Lazy”

  1. Lemuel Says:

    You know we stand with you as you make your journey, constantly wishing you all the best.

  2. Doug Says:

    It’s wonderful your friend was so accepting. Friends like that are so reassuring.

  3. Steven Says:

    So glad to hear it went well for you! Everyone understands the feeling of not wanting to blog for a little while from time to time, don’t worry we will wait.

  4. Steven Says:

    Patience is a virtue. Taking it slowly only leaves us in anticipation. 🙂

  5. Jason Says:

    Silly boy, no need to apologize for life taking a front seat.

    Sounds like you have a great friend, and I’m sure more will follow suit.

  6. urspo Says:


  7. BruceCleveland Says:

    Sorry? Sorry? There is no sorry in blogging! Just kidding but there is no need for it.

    Just know that one day…you aren’t even going to think twice about telling someone…it’s just going to happen and they are either going to accept it or not, but you are going to be so happy with who you are that it won’t matter to you…family or not…you are soon going to wonder how you ever lived in that little cramped closet with a sunroof. 😉 I love you buddy! And everyone else does too…we have so much support to lean on here and now with your cousin and the two friends you told so far!! You ARE NEVER alone 😉

  8. "Joe" Says:

    Stop apologizing for not blogging. It does take time. And sometimes life gets in the way. But maybe it’s supposed to.

    On coming out, I am reminded that what we have journeyed with for years comes as something quite “new” to others. Even though they may already know without knowing. Does dropping hints ever work? I don’t know.

    Patience with urgency. Gayly forward we go.

  9. steve'swhirlyworld Says:

    process it and write when you’re ready. I’m very proud of you.

  10. atomicpop! Says:

    man – just do what you need to do… we’re all here when your ready.

  11. Matt Says:

    Ditto. Everyone’s said it already, but write what you want, when you want. I’m in the same funk lately, and don’t even make comments much – but somehow people seem to remember me. 🙂

  12. Jim Says:

    No need for apologies, heck, I’m lucky to make an update once a week! 🙂 Glad things are going well.

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