I’ve Got A Cold

I have a cold….I never thought that could never happen in the sunshine state, but here I am…sniffling and congested. So I’m home today. It’s a little chilly (ordinarily I would be enjoying the sixty-one degree weather, wearing shorts and working in the garden). So because I’m finding myself a little chilled, I’ve turned on the heater, I’m wearing sweats, and a thick robe.

I’ve put together a schedule of what I’m going to do the next few months. I have decided that I’m going to study in preparation for getting into a medical program. Studying was always a comfort activity for me. In college it gave me an excuse to spend some time away from my friends (my straight friends). In medical school it allowed me to remain completely to myself and gave me an excuse not to get invested in some relationships. So, to avoid thinking about whether or not my applications have been reviewed, I am going to spend today and my free time studying.

Except for today. It’s hard to get through a paragraph without sniffling or clearing my throat. I believe that part of the reason why I succumbed to the cold germs is because of the stress I was feeling.  So for today, my medicine recall review book and orange juice will be my comfort.


12 Responses to “I’ve Got A Cold”

  1. Steven Says:

    Awe… My poor buddy, if I lived close to you I would bring you soup or make you tea! Actually no I wouldn’t because I don’t want your germs! 😉

  2. Lemuel Says:

    So sorry! I know what it is like to get what we call a “summer cold” up here, so I am sure that it must be like that to have a cold now down there. I hope you are greatly improved very quickly!

  3. KipEsquire Says:

    Get well soon! 🙂

  4. urspo Says:

    colds are natures way of saying don’t do anything but care for yourself
    so screw the studying and drink plenty of fluids and get some rest.

  5. Beartoast Joe Says:

    Sleep! Don’t deny thyself sleep! Those slower moments when we must grind to a halt (or at least a slow crawl), are good times to reflect and think and meditate. But don’t forget to sleep!
    Hope all shall be well, soon.

  6. Doug Says:

    In college I drank lots of beer to help me through a cold. It didn’t really cure the cold, but whatever. Hehe.

    I hope you feel better quick!

  7. matty03 Says:

    Feel better!

    Drink lots of fluids and eat chicken soup. …it seems to work. I don’t know why.

  8. matty03 Says:

    Oh, and apparently, Diet Coke is not considered a liquid. Tea. Hot Tea is good. Add some honey grown in your area!

  9. Steven Says:

    Stress definitely has its part in getting sick. I hope that you have been feeling better as of late. The other thing I try to do is not lay so low while recuperating. For some reason it seems to go through my “system” quicker when my body is active, rather than in a passive mode. But I’ll still stick to the basics of sleep and plenty of fluids.

  10. Matt Says:

    Awww, I’m sorry you’re sick. I agree with urspo – it’s your body’s way of telling you to just take care of yourself. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  11. Robert Says:

    I hope you got rid of your cold by now! xoxo

  12. Eliot Says:

    get well, get well soon. we hope you do get well.

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