Okay, posting the picture was easier that I thought it would be.First off, I  never though I would be writing a blog. I’m not verygood with computers. They overwhelm me and to be honest all I really know how to do is send email, chat and upload music into my iPod.

I was inspired by such bloggers as Jason from Let’s Just Say You Are Right, Robert from All Things But None and Steven from A Friend of Dorothy’s to use my camera to capture images and post them on-line. I’m not very good at imagining what would make a good picture. I certainly don’t have an a photographer’s eye. I thought about taking pictures of objects that give me food for thought and to write about the muse behind those opinions.

This is an image of fruit before it becomes that tasteful and luscious commodity that we buy in the grocery store. Right now it isn’t so perfect. In fact it doesn’t look worthy of a second glance. I am amazed how something can grow out of this unidentifiable object. In a few months, maybe a few weeks, it will grow to become something awesome, something which nourishes, something that gives oral pleasure but without the guilt (remember not too many calories in fruit).

Many of us are still growing. Some of us still at the seed level, some of us in between seed and germination, some of us just small buds, while others are already the wonderful piece of fruit.

I have enjoyed taking this journey with the many bloggers who have shared their life’s experience with me and others. You have watered and fertilized me along the way and I’m well on the path to becoming who I’m suppose to be. I thank you for that. Have a great weekend everyone!!

P.S. The use of fruit was not intended for a pun. I was just out in my garden yesterday, saw the buds and it gave way to me thinking about posting this.


9 Responses to “”

  1. beartoast "Joe" Says:

    We are all learning. Many things. Keep going.

  2. Robert Says:

    I’m glad that you started this blog JM. I don’t know you that well, but I think it’s so wonderful that we both somehow ended up here! How did we run into each other again? I forgot?!? 🙂

    Keep the pictures and words coming!I am enjoying them tremendously… I really do. You have a great weekend too my friend. Now I’m off to read up [and see] more of Jason and Stevens’ stuff! heh!


    P.S. Fruit! haha!

  3. Steven Says:

    Wow, I really liked this post John, I think it is one of your better ones. However I still feel though you are slightly putting yourself down again, there is no reason for that so next time we chat, you are “gonna get it!” I never saw the fruit link but you cracked me up with the P.S.

  4. urspo Says:

    one of the reasons I started to blog was to learn new computer skills; I was pleased as punch to post my first photo (after weeks of trial and error)
    so I say good for you! and try some more!

  5. Una Persona Says:

    Yeah, I’m glad you’re in the blogosphere too. And I know you live no where near me, because it’s too cold for anything to bloom! Great pic by the way.

  6. matty03 Says:

    I, too, am glad you blog! And, I like the picture!

    I can remember the first time I posted a picture to my blog. I felt like I could be a rocket scientist!

  7. dit Says:

    In my opinion, you doubt yourself too much, at least with the photo taking abilities. From a designer, I think you did great composition.

    You are so correct, we all continue to grow. Great post.

  8. somewherejoe Says:

    Grapes? Looking forward to more fruit, word and picture, to come.

  9. Steven Says:

    Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are so many things that you see that many of us may not have even recognized in the photograph. I love your use of analogies to compare where many of us may be in our lives. I may even want to add “re-germinate.” Although now that I think about it, it makes it sound as if there was a “choice” with which pathway my life has taken as far as being a gay or straight man. And you left us hanging….what kind of fruit is that that you have captured?

    “…something that gives oral pleasure but without the guilt.”

    Such a classic line!

    Many thanks for the kind words and shout out!

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