My First Kiss

My last post was about what would happen when I had to say goodbye. I don’t know if we really said goodbye since we continue to talk on the phone and I get about 10 emails from Andrew on a daily basis and countless texts reminding me that someone in thinking about me.

A couple nights before I finished packing to make my move north, Andrew asked if I would like his company while driving to my new destination. I excitedly told him yes and he made the necessary arrangements with work to take a few days off. Two nights before our actual departure, I thought that to ask him to take off from work might be too much. I started to tell him my concerns and before I could utter the words “maybe this would be too much to ask”, he just kissed me. I felt a sudden weakness in the knees and somewhat breatheless. I felt clumsy, as I didn’t know how to kiss back. When he finished, he said “if you have anymore concerns, I will be happy to answer any or all of them”.

Thoughts swarmed my head: he must think me clumsy, what did my breath smell like, were my lips chapped, did he feel chemistry, did he like it too? My answer came when he pulled me closer and said “I’m going to do that again before the end of the night”.

My heart still surges into a fast pace whenever I think about it.


14 Responses to “My First Kiss”

  1. Lemuel Says:

    Man-o-man, JM! Go with it! I do think he’s worried about your breath except to suck some of it into his lungs, nor your lips, chapped or not, except to to taste their sweetness.

    Yes, it sounds to me like he answered your questions without you asking them. I think he felt more than chemistry and he liked it – and you too.

    I am *so*!!! happy for you!!!

  2. Steve Rebooted Says:


  3. Robert Says:

    Talk about romance! You hit it right on the head JM!! 🙂 I’m feeling giddy just thinking about what you were feeling!! WONDERFUL!!

  4. Daniel Says:

    Three Cheers for You!

  5. Matt Says:


    Now that’s a first kiss. Beautiful.

  6. Steven Says:

    Ahhhhh, good for you!!! I felt all warm and mushy inside just reading about it! 😉

  7. Steven Says:

    Now I wait for Andrew to say to you, “No, I gave the kiss first and it’s up to me when the kiss ends.” What a great turn of events! I would recommend maybe leaving an hour earlier than planned, just so you can get there on time with all the chemistry that will be going on. Remember to have the windows cracked, even if the A/C is on. Show us those pearly-whites! 😀

  8. "joe" Says:

    You go, bro. Now it’s your turn. don’t just wait to be kissed. Try it out yourself.

    You can always tell him you need to practice

  9. madhouse6 Says:


    awesome. very cool. just go with it.

    and i agree with joe – tell him you need the practice. 🙂

  10. madhouse6 Says:

    p.s., you should update your blogroll. i killed off atomic pop… 🙂

  11. urspo Says:

    jolly good fun
    now try to relax and not be so self conscious and make a pounce.

  12. christopher Says:

    This makes me feel warm and happy. Enjoy it and soak it in!

  13. Doug Says:

    That’s so beautiful.

  14. matty Says:

    That was so romantic and happy! I’m “giddy” FOR you!!!!

    (and I’m quite sure he was more than charmed by you!)

    Great post!!!! I’m so happy and excited for you and your new adventures to come in life! The window is opening!!!!

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