A Meme

I got this meme from Ur-Spo.

What did you want to be when you ‘grew up?’

A doctor, a journalist, a talk show host, and then a doctor again.

What are you now?

A graduate of medical school, trying to get into a residency program.

What fictional character did you identify with as a child?

Max of Where the Wild Things Are

How about now? 

Max of Where the Wild Things Are

What is your ‘Gay Pride’ Song?

Trapped in the Closet

What is your drag song (we ALL have one)?


Earliest memory?

My father letting me pick the color of a car he bought when I was about two.

Memory you’d like to forget?

The argument I had with one of my best friends (Mark) about a year ago.

If you ran for a seat in political office, what would be your platform(s)?

I don’t think I would have the charm to get people to vote for me.

Winehouse. Want her to succeed or are you over her?

I wish all people well. I would like her to succeed in getting her life on-track.

The first person you thought you loved?

My first best friend from pre-school.

The first person you actually loved.

I don’t think I’ve been in love. Well actually in love…

The person you love now?


I have never been in love. 


If you could be, do, have, own, or possess anything you wanted, what would it be?

Although I really don’t think I should, I would like to be able to go back and undo some of the things I’ve done in the past.

Even if you are in love with someone right now, who are you/could be crushing on right now?

Very weird mood right now. Can’t think of anyone I have a crush on…well except a person I am getting to know–Andrew.


And my own bonus add-on question;

What way your first gay bar experience?

I was brought to one by an old friend (from college) when he was coming out. Since I was really in the closet, I didn’t dare look around and really experience it. All I could remember about the place was that the bar was wall to wall male.


8 Responses to “A Meme”

  1. danny/ink2metal Says:

    hey john,

    enjoy the process of getting to know andrew. it may not feel like love right now but i sure do hope it turns out to be that way for you.

    anyway, hugs and best wishes as you still work through becoming more out.

  2. Lemuel Says:

    I’ve yet myself to go to a gay bar. I think I would probably have the same reaction as you did.

  3. "Joe" Says:

    Well, I’ve been to a gay bar and had a great time. Just looking, mind you. It’s not so bad is you just enjoy yourself.

    You can have a crush on me, anytime now.

  4. Jim Says:

    My memory usually sucks but I remember when I was two building soup can pyramids in the kitchen then knocking them over. I remember the downstairs neighbors being a little upset after an hour or so 🙂

  5. Robert Says:

    “I have never been in love.”

    Imagine when that very moment you first realize… it’ll be magical!!

  6. madhouse6 Says:

    nice… esp on the max reference.

  7. Steven Says:

    Thanks for sharing. And here’s to seeing things come to fruition with Andrew. 🙂

  8. urspo Says:

    that is sad you have never been in love; i hope that remedies soon. the first loves usually hurt a lot but it is worth it.
    just don’t kiss no skunks.

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