Who Will Hold My Hand

In church today I saw an elderly couple. They looked happy. The man leaned on his wife and she seemed content to be his crutch. It was obvious that he had dementia. When they went up for communion, she had to urge him forward, whispering in his ear what he was suppose to do. He waited for her, while she received her communion. He looked lost as he looked down the aisle, but his smiled brightened when she took his elbow to lead him back to their seats.

Alone I sat there watching them. She was taking care of him, making sure that he was safe and that he knew his way back. Someone was there to guide them.

I wonder if I’ll have that crutch later in life. I wonder if I will ever find that someone who I can lean on, to lead me back home when I get lost. I hope that someone is out there and that they are also wondering about me.


12 Responses to “Who Will Hold My Hand”

  1. urspo Says:

    you two merely have to stumble across each other when you are not really looking; go about your life and keep out and around. and Fate will do the rest.

  2. danny Says:

    hey john,

    that was touching! i really do hope that you find that someone special who is wondering about you too.

    give it time.

  3. Steven Says:

    I often see that, where one looks after the other, or two elderly people that could not survive on their own but as a couple compliment each other enough to still live on their own, beautiful really. Then like you I wonder (and fear) if I will have someone like that if I should ever need to be looked out for. I think you will do fine John, you already have a lot of people who really care about you, I don’t think you will ever be alone.

  4. Lemuel Says:

    I think you will find your partner, a soulmate, not a “crutch”, who will be there for you and you for him. You are much to much of a sweetheart for someone just as genuine and caring not to choose you as the one with whom he wants to go through life. Continue to be yourself. There is a soulmate out there for you.

  5. Jim Says:

    Suround yourself with people who care, role notwithstanding.

  6. Steven Says:

    Yes, you’ll have that crutch. I just hope it’s not your cousin’s son. 😉

    But I believe you will not need that “crutch.” In fact, you’ll most likely be that “crutch”, or supporter, for someone else. Unfortunately, I could see you being in “high demand” due to your understanding and sensibilities. “Crutch” has such a negative connotation to it.

  7. somewhere joe Says:

    “I wonder if I will ever find that someone who I can lean on, to lead me back home when I get lost. I hope that someone is out there and that they are also wondering about me.”

    John, that’s a great question to ask, even though no one can answer it. In the asking we find our connection, and hope.


    Often community steps in where partners fail. In the end, it takes a village.

  8. Steve Rebooted Says:

    There’s someone for everyone. Just look at President Bush 😛

  9. Kris Says:

    There’s someone out there for you JM 🙂 Not so much as a crutch but one who’ll be there through thick and thin. It might just happen when you least expect it, remain open to everything there is to experience.. Hugs*

  10. madhouse6 Says:

    very touching.

    i too hope for that.

  11. Doug Says:

    There’s definitely someone out there for you. More than one someone, I’d bet, so your chances of finding one of them are pretty good.

  12. "Joe" Says:

    As I come out at 52, leaving behind a wife and many certainties, I wonder the same thing. I came out with no relationship to go to; fearing that i would be staring into a black hole. But being alone and being lonely really are two different things.

    Believe and Trust. Grace is there. I just hope he’s really bearish.

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