I Know…Bad Lazy Blogger

Hi. I’m still here. I know that it’s been awhile since I’ve been around. Sorry about that. I’m sleepy right now, but I will be back to write this week.

Missing you guys…


10 Responses to “I Know…Bad Lazy Blogger”

  1. brad Says:

    I miss you too, JM.

  2. Steve Rebooted Says:

    It’s always great to hear from you.

  3. Lemuel Says:

    If anything happens in Blogland, we’ll wake you. Sleep peacefully!

  4. Steven Says:

    Shame! You have brought shame to the blog world with your lazy non blog writing! Do you think you can just pop in and out when ever you feel like? Who do you think you are? Anyhoo talk to you later buddy! 😉

  5. Jim Says:

    We’re still here! 🙂

  6. Doug Says:

    Several lashes with a wet noodle. 😉

  7. Robert Says:

    I shall wait patiently… now hurry up! Doodle something at least! 🙂

  8. Kris Says:

    It’s been 36 hours! What’s up with dat!?

  9. "Joe" Says:

    Glad you’re still around. We await your wisdom.

  10. Steven Says:

    Sounds to me like life is turning around for you and you are becoming that “busy man.” Glad to see that you are still alive and kicking! 🙂

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