Comfort In The Sounds of Nature

Although some of my neighbors have been complaining about the rain, I have found some comfort in it. It’s not that I like to be wet, I even find it irritating finding something to wear if I have to go out in it. However, I like the sound of the rain as it beats on my window.

Last night, I had a hard time falling asleep (so I did one of my favorite things…I surfed the net and read some blogs I’ve been neglecting). But soon the sound of rain beating the windows, the soft rhythm and simple music it was making hypnotized me and I was sleepy.

There is something about the sound that comforts me. I’ve always liked the rain. I think mainly cause it washes away things and to me cleans out gardens, walkways and yards. But maybe for the sake of my neighbors, it should go away for a bit, someone else also deserves to be happy.


10 Responses to “Comfort In The Sounds of Nature”

  1. Doug Says:

    I like the rain, too. The feeling in the air, the sound, the smell. As with everything, though, too much can be unwelcome.

  2. Lemuel Says:

    I hate dreary, misty, foggy days, but rainy days, yes! As long as I did not have to “tear down” on such a day, I used to love rainy days when camping: to wake up in the morning and hear the rhythm on the camper roof and to smell the delightful smells of the forest.

  3. urspo Says:

    i love rain, and thunderstorms too. I concur with your feelings about rain.

  4. Steven Says:

    I always loved the sound of rain, too until I bought a house with no overhanging eaves. I always end up having to shut many of the windows for fear of rain coming in. 😐

  5. Jim Says:

    Me too! Well, as long as it doesnt come with 120 mph winds 🙂

  6. Jeff Says:

    I’ve always found the sound of rain relaxing. Plus a rainy day is always a good excuse for a lazy day.

  7. Stephen Says:

    I love the rain best in the Spring time, an afternoon shower leaves everything smelling clean, looking fresh, the green colors vibrant, but in the winter time, I tire easily with its cold wetness. I’m happy yours was soothing and peaceful and especially happy my cold wetness drifted up and away.

  8. (F)reddy Says:

    Appreciate the very thoughtful comments. Dig your writing, dig your progress. Dig. Done.

  9. Stephen Chapman Says:

    Nothing better than sitting indoors in the warm on a rainy Sunday afternoon watching the rain roll down the windows.

  10. somewhere joe Says:

    I love a rainy day… nature’s permission slip to retreat from business as usual and curl up with a cup and a book… or whatever you like to curl up with.

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