Over A Month

I am sorry that it’s  been so long since I wrote a post. I just got busy over the holidays…hanging out with family and spending time with my new friends Chris and Phillip. Then there is a newer friend Adam (who I met while buying a present for my cousin’s anniversary).

I have very little cooking ideas and my cousin wanted a fondue set for his anniversary so I set out to buy one. Adam gave some suggestions and our conversation led to the best places to eat and so on and so forth. We’ve been hanging out since then. He’s cool and funny. I don’t think I have laughed this much in a long time…and with all my relatives/family/friends stressing me over the holidays, I needed to laugh.

I spent some time in Florida, so I got to see Andrew and our friends. It was nice and once again I hated leaving Andrew. It gets more difficult when we spend time together to pull myself away from him. But I have a feeling that it’s only for a little while. He spent his Thanksgiving holiday up north looking at nursing graduate programs in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Virginia. And he liked them much more than the programs he looked at in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana.

Anyway, I hope everyone has been doing well. I’m going to read your blogs after I play some Xbox!


7 Responses to “Over A Month”

  1. urspo Says:

    I wanted – a received – a fondue pot for christmas. They can be fun!

    I am glad to see you posting again.

  2. Lemuel Says:

    Laughter is good! I am happy to read that someone is bringing a good dose of laughter into your life! Laugh often!

  3. Jim Says:

    A blog break is a good idea, glad you enjoyed the time. You just had to mention fondue, now I am going to have to get a fondue pot too! 🙂

  4. Robert Says:

    Hi Johnmichael. Busy holiday indeedy! I read that one entry of yours where you showed up at the hospital with lunch delivered. That was a sweet post! I miss it! 🙂 Anyway, hope you’re doing well my friend. Oh and which XBox game you’re playing? Left 4 Dead? GRRRRR!

  5. danny/ink2metal Says:

    hey john,

    i’m so happy that your social circle is growing. good friends that can make you laugh when you are most stressed out are the ones to keep!

    anyway, looks like the new year could be bringing you some wonderful changes. yay!

    well, let’s both try to keep up on the blogging, especially with all the good news. i know it’s been harder as i have been enjoying the moment so much that i don’t have time to blog about it. oh, the vicious circle!?! ;-}

  6. Doug Says:

    That xbox. What a time waster!!! I went to a fondue restaurant for New Years. It was pretty good!

  7. Steven Says:

    Glad to see you back in the neighborhood! Being busy is a good thing and to have stress-relievers in the form of friends to take you away from the stress of the holidays is a plus. 🙂

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