Excercise is the Secret

Lately I’ve been exhausted. I chalked it up to putting in more hours at work–a ton of hours at work. I cover for people who don’t want to come in and call me last minute to cover for them. I volunteer to stay late and finish what needs to get done. In some ways, keeping busy and burying myself with projects has been my form of escape, of not having to deal with the real world.

But now I’m so exhausted, that the days I do take off is spent mostly sleeping. I’m thankful that I have a group of friends that make sure I get out of bed (otherwise I would have bed sores) and give me activities which include lunches, dinners and DVD nights at their homes. Of course there is the dance lessons. But physically and probably a little mentally, I am still tired.

One of my friends asked me what has changed about my life…and in thining about my schedule and daily activities, I realized that I don’t work out as much as I use to. I also eat less healthy. I think back to the time I was exercising at least an hour to two hours a day, I was energized. Despite the fact that I was doing a rotation at a medical clinic and studying, I found the time to exercise and I was never tired. In fact I only needed a few hours of sleep as opposed to wanting to sleep twelve hours a day.

So this week, I start the body detox–more yogurt and grains, salads and fruit and more body motion.


3 Responses to “Excercise is the Secret”

  1. urspo Says:

    There are gobs and gobs of medical literature that support regular exercise is good for the body and the soul – it remains the best mood stabilizer that I know.
    So please do keep up some form of regular exercise. Don’t let work thwart this.

  2. Robert Says:

    I thought “Together” is the secret?!? 🙂

    Don’t let work overwhelm you JM.

    xo, r

  3. Mayra Says:

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