Close That Door

Like the curious person that I am, I always read certain celebrity gossip sites. This week, I was reading one in which an article actually angered me. The article was about someone in Hollywood encouraging actors or other entertainment figures to stay in the closet.

These people are so influential. They should be encouraging folks to be themselves. After all, isn’t the art of entertainment about expression? It’s about being different from others. If they weren’t so different, so innovative, they wouldn’t be entertaining.

The article went on to say something about it’s better for lay persons (teachers, lawyers, other professions) to come out. I feel that it would be better for everyone if this whole sexuality/gender issue wasn’t such an issue. The whole idea that sexuality defines anyone shouldn’t be up for debate. We can’t characterize someone based on genetics.

I know that it’s such a struggle. And I’m not saying that it is easy. It’s all circumstantial. It all depends on the person. I have surely taken my time and I’m not completely out of the closet. So I’m not one to toot my horn. But to encourage someone to take a step backward or to not take any steps at all isn’t healthy.

Wouldn’t it be better if we could all just come out?


5 Responses to “Close That Door”

  1. Peter Says:

    You can’t force people to stay in the closet, everyone has to make that decision for him/herself, especially in the entertainment industry.

  2. Lemuel Says:

    I am reminded of a poster/banner that I bought while doing my masters. It said, “What kind of a revolution would it be, if every in the world could sit down and eat together.” Though in the closet myself for the most part, I yearn for that day when we can all “just come out”. I was not angered, but rather saddened, but the urging of that person to others not to come out. When someone finds the courage to come out, I want to encourage them to do so at their own pace and in their own time for in such a way I feel we edge closer to that day of which you and I both dream.

  3. Rob Says:

    It’s just another imperfection in this world. Wouldn’t it be great if there were no racism? Or discrimination against fat people?

    Who has the right to encourage people to stay in the closet of come out? It’s everyone’s personal decision. I agree…wouldn’t it be great if there was no need for a closet.

  4. Urspo Says:

    coming out can be a brave act; and it is always scary some. It is hard to say to any Tribe “hello, I am different from you.”
    The more we do the safer it is.
    The more people know a gay person the less the can put it in an abstract matter.

  5. Steven Says:

    I agree 110%. Plus those who are in the entertainment industry and on the big and small screen are many times looked at as having a more global recognition that it’s OK to be gay, rather than just “lay people” who children may think “aren’t known” outside their “smaller world.”

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