Let It Snow

I love snow…until it becomes a driving nuisance. But when it first falls and blankets the forests that surround this beautiful state, it’s amazing.

Yesterday, I discovered a great new dessert (well not so much a dessert as a late night snack).  My friends and I were spending our Friday night catching up on some DVDs and shows we had TiVoed. We got hungry and raided the kitchen. Adam usually keeps a jar of cashews (he thinks that when it comes in a stylish jar they taste better), so I grabbed a handful of those to start my munching. While I was eating those, my other roomie Brian asked me to get the Cool Whip for his pecan pie. While trying to juggle cookies, the tub of cool whip and my handful of cashews, some of the nuts fell into the cool whip.  I discovered how good cashews tasted covered in the sugary whipped topping.

And then after the late night binge, I also discovered that I would have to exercise a bit more today to compensate.


6 Responses to “Let It Snow”

  1. Jim Says:

    Sounds good to me too!
    Snow is great in Houston. It falls. It disappears on contact. Next day is 65 🙂

  2. Peter Says:

    The pleasure of one thing gets replaced with the pain of another… goes for snow as sugary desserts. 😉

  3. David Says:

    What snow? People I know from MD, WV, TX, and CO (okay that one’s not so surprising) are all talking about the snow they’ve gotten. I’m in Michigan and there’s nothing.

    Pardon me while I go search for a plank of wood…

  4. Urspo Says:

    ohoh sounds like a slippery slope! a sugary one at that !

  5. BearToast Joe Says:

    Here I am all worried about you; and you’re pigging out on nuts and cool whip. sounds like the cardiologist special to me.

  6. m4m Says:

    Haha.. always like that. Eat then exercise lol

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