Happy New Year

One of my new year resoloutions was to write more often. This blog has been amazing for me. It has allowed me to vent freely and honestly. Through this blog I have also met many amazing friends, some of whom I could not have gotten through the last couple months without–thanks to many for the late night chats (and for being patient through the nonsensical conversations).

I have made it through another year. And the last year brought about many changes in my life. There were disappointments, but there were also triumphs too. The disappointments, I will work through and make the necessary changes so that instead of stumbling blocks, they become carved learning tools. And the triumphs, well they speak for themselves.

Happy New Year everyone!! Make the best of the upcoming opportunities!!


7 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. Urspo Says:

    I hope 2010 is a stunning ‘banner’ year for you !

  2. Sid Says:

    Happy New year John michael 🙂 Hope it brings out those things that you badly needed from long time.. 🙂


  3. Stephen Says:

    I have enjoyed your blog entries and hope for many many more in 2010!

  4. BearToast Joe Says:

    And, a Happy one to you! Looking forward to hearing/reading more about your journey.

  5. Greg Says:

    Happy New Year to you!

  6. Peter Says:

    Hope 2010 brings you love and understanding, next to all the other things you normally wish for.

  7. m4m Says:

    Happy new year John.

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