A Return

I’ve been going through a lot lately and so I took a break.

There were some things that I needed to sort out and I being the person that I am, instead of wanting to write it down or talk about it, thought I would just place it all out of my mind. I always had that theory that if you didn’t say it out loud, it would be less real. So I didn’t want to think about these issues.

My best friend sat me down and made me think about everything. He told me that every now and then, we needed to lean on one another. He said it was okay to be weak and dependent, that this was the reason we had friends, it made our burdens less heavy. The more we spread out the load, the less weight on our shoulders. Of course he was right. One of the things he said to me was that I never really let them in on many aspects of my life, but I always let them lean on me and now it was my turn, I had to allow myself to lean on them. He told me that when it came to being a friend, I was there for every one of them. However when it came time for me to allow them to be a friend, I rarely allowed them the opportunity to take on the task. So they have risen to the challenge and are showing me what friends really are, they are those loved ones that have always been there for me.

I’m leaning and spreading the weight around. These burdens feel a lot lighter.


5 Responses to “A Return”

  1. Urspo Says:

    I was very glad to see you posting again! I stop by regularly, hoping you would be ‘back in the saddle’ as it were.

    Some advice – lots of folks equate needing people,and asking for help, and feeling deficit with being weak and dependent -but don’t you mix them up – they are not the same!

  2. Lemuel Says:

    Hooray for that good friend who sat you down! There are a lot of us (myself included) who find it easy to be there for others, but not so easy to accept the fact that others are there for us. You are not alone. When we realize that truth (on so many different levels), life is a lot less painful and burdensome.

  3. Peter Says:

    Some people ‘read’ yourself better then you do. I know it’s hard to ask for help, we all think we can help ourself but in the mean time we’re getting more stuck in ‘the mud’ we create.

    Hope you found the path again…

  4. Sam Says:

    good boy. I have some very similar feelings these days. chat soon.

  5. R. Says:

    Su-weeet! Better late than never! đŸ™‚ Welcome back JM!

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