The Exterior Walls

In my buddy’s  neighborhood there is one of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen in my life. If I could choose to build a house, this would probably be the home that I would model mine after. The lawn and gardens are immaculate. I don’t recall ever seeing anything out of place, even floral or plant related in the landscaping.  This home is always extremely made over!

I have often told my friend this and he would shake his head and say you would never want to live in there, with the owner. My buddy isn’t one to really gossip (about strangers anyway, but he often does have diarrhea of the mouth when it comes to our friends and his own personal life). When I kept asking why, he finally said that the owner was cold, a lonely person who distanced himself from his friends, family and loved ones. A person that was so driven by wealth, that nothing else mattered. This person never had friends over or parties. On holidays, a single light could be seen on in the house. He said that once while bike riding with his kids, one of them smiled and waved at this lonely owner, only to have a back turned and a car door slammed as a reply. On Halloween or during the holiday weeks when there are carolers, a “no trespassing” sign is placed in the front yard.

I guess the old adage, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover applies here. And now I just feel sorry for this person. Still I can’t help but wonder, what made this person become who they are today. Maybe they were hurt, or themselves rejected. No amount of outside beauty could make up for what goes on inside. Hopefully this person will someday find that if they allowed themselves to shine, beauty would be inside as well.


5 Responses to “The Exterior Walls”

  1. Peter Says:

    After reading the first paragraph I wondered if the person living there has a happy life. The rest of the story, even when it’s just hearsay [aka gossip], tells the rest.

    Still, I hope you can build your dreamhouse and I know you’re a person who wants to share the ‘wealth’. Wealth has some to do with money, but mostly with inner being, mind and all those other things that make life worth living.

  2. Lemuel Says:

    I fear that there are many people like this in our world (in our culture). There is an old cliche that says that creative minds are rarely tidy. Perhaps it could also be said about loving hearts. People who take time to love and to help others rarely have time to keep their properties in pristine condition.

  3. BearToast Joe Says:

    I’m never an eloquent as the wise Lemuel, but as has been said: “Never judge your insides based on some one else’s outsides.

    AND, I’m glad your learning to trust others and help them share your load. I need lessons in that one. Repeatedly.

  4. Urspo Says:

    I hope for the person as you do.

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