Truth or Fiction

One of my guilty pleasures and one that I don’t readily admit is the new 90210 show. I remember vaguely watching the original series, but only a few seasons. After the first couple seasons, I either got bored or my own life took off. I’m not exactly sure which of the two occurred first.

I watch this new cast with wonderment. I can’t remember anyone looking as amazing as these characters do. Maybe it’s the designer duds as opposed to the uniforms from my Catholic academia. I definitely know that no one in my class wore that much make-up, or having hair that looked salon coiffed.  I don’t think that anyone had the time, most of my class were preparing for lofty collegiate goals. We weren’t a stuffy crowd and were far from nerdy, but we didn’t have a third of the glamor that these teenagers have. So this is one of the reasons this show fascinates me.

Are there high school kids who have the same types of problems? Or has my interest been piqued because this was a crowd I had envisioned high school to have been like when I was a budding high school student? I do know that this is one of the shows that I have to watch.

Please don’t judge me based on this guilty pleasure.


2 Responses to “Truth or Fiction”

  1. Urspo Says:

    On the contrary, the guilty pleasures make one the more interesting.

  2. Tim Says:

    JM, if you switch over “The Real Housewives” series–a short-lived guilty pleasure for me–you’ll find there are people like that in the real world. Clearly these divas didn’t pick their habits up after high school; so a 90210 set may exist in some schools. (It didn’t in mine.)

    Problem is, these beautiful people aren’t anyone I’d want to hang around. Their “drama” makes me laugh.

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