Electronic Gadgets

For many a moon I’ve been contemplating getting a E-reader. I have to carry around so many books–I’m often reading two at a time. During any given week, I’m reading one fiction novel and one non-fiction autobiography, historical, or opinionated rant and rave essay. I also like to read medical review books as well as medical journals. My backpack (well if you can call a messenger bag a backpack) is often crammed with journals, magazines and other these books. One of my friends offered to buy me an e-book as a birthday gift, but I declined, thinking it was too expensive a gift to receive (even though I am his best friend and served as best man at his wedding).

Yesterday a co-worker had purchased one of the newer e-books (I’m not using any brand names because I don’t want people accidentally landing here via net searches). She was telling me that along with holding up to thousands of books, it could also do some light internet surfing. I was pretty impressed.

So, I’m going to do some research and find the best options/prices for one of those gadgets. And hopefully in a few weeks, I’ll have condensed my library into a thin electronic device!!


5 Responses to “Electronic Gadgets”

  1. Peter Says:

    I’m very satisfied with my eReader, made by the S company in Japan. The only thing I would do different next time is buying the larger version of it, instead of the pocket-version. [which doesn’t fit in your pocket if you have the leather cover with built in light around it]

    With Calibre, a free program, you can make from any PDF, or other document type, [except Kindle] an ePub document.

  2. Robert Says:

    I JUST read today that B&N had dropped the price of their e-read, Nook, down to $149 I believe. But they have 2 models and this is the wi-fi version I think. Then again, you’ll be doing research so you can tell me later! 🙂

    BTW, I’ve still been reading your blog JM, but just haven’t got the time to comment or post anything on my blog. Have you seen my blog? Christ, it’s sooo stale….

    Hello and toodles.

  3. Urspo Says:

    I am wholly satisfied to have a paper book. I will be the last to go – no doubt Fahrenheit 451 will take me out.

  4. Mikeyx121 Says:

    Hi Doc!! Hope life is well and your sex life is amazing!! lol

  5. car gadgets Says:

    I think an e-book would be a good option if you have to carry around so many books but you’d have to be extra-careful with your backpack.

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