A Token Friend

Recently I was eating out with my best friend and his family. We were eating at a sushi bar. Some work colleagues of M’s stopped by the table and one of them commented “Wow, your kids will eat sushi. My kids won’t even eat tuna fish sandwiches.”

M commented, “Their Godfather (pointing to me) makes them try everything. And it just so happens that they enjoyed this dish”. He introduced me to his friends and the comment from his colleague’s wife was “I want an Asian Godfather. You and A are lucky”.

I didn’t know we were a commodity. I did not think of her comment as a compliment.


3 Responses to “A Token Friend”

  1. r Says:

    People are so funny sometimes!! *laughs nerviously* 🙂

  2. David Says:

    Yeah not the best comment she could have thrown out. I wouldn’t dare try to read into the situation as I wasn’t there. I do have to say, though, that if one my friends said this, it wouldn’t faze me because of they type of banter that we use on each other. There are things you would say to friends but wouldn’t towards strangers.

  3. Johnmichael Says:

    Yeah David I have never met the woman before that moment. Her husband grabbed her by the elbow and then awkwardly he threw me a smile. I didn’t know what to say. I have no idea why she thought it was appropriate. I do joke with close friends that way. Butnyou have to pick and chose how you joke with people. Boundaries!

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