Candle Burning Bright

I’ve made it no secret that I’m a practicing Catholic. I have always held on to a strong religious belief and this faith has taken me through a lot of tough moments in my life.

But I do have those days when I struggle with religion. Those moments when I struggle to find  a reason to believe. When I wonder if my belief is based on what I was taught and all that was engrained while I was growing up. I went to Catholic school, most of my friends are Catholic and a lot of my volunteer activities are church based. So there are moments when I find myself questioning why I believe, what are the forces driving my faith, my hope and the strength of religion in my life.

I have always turned to God when my emotions ran high, when I thought I was alone, I prayed and felt better. And I do believe that He watches out for all of us. I know that in times of tragedy it’s hard to think of Him. And there are times when I do question why things happen, why there is chaos and destruction. But I always end up turning back to Him.

This week has been one of those brief moments when I again questioned my belief system. And when I do, I always turn to church, prayer and personal conversations with God. This weeks sermon was like a candle burning bright. The priest talked about having faith that God is there, that he’ll always be there and always was there. The readings from the book of Matthew answered my questioning. So once again my faith is restored.


One Response to “Candle Burning Bright”

  1. Urspo Says:

    I’m Catholic too -a latecomer via RCIA. So I know what this is all about. “The gates of hell will not prevail against it” (or something like it) is a nice assurance that despite everything it endures.

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