That’s What Boys Are Made Of

At what point do male children learn to push, shove and fight? What age is the age where they learn to clench their fists and swing them?

I was spending some time with my Godsons last week (ages 8,6 and 2). C (the two year old) was playing in the play room and had taken one of W’s prized possessions (a space ship which W had always cherished). W never let’s anyone touch this ship. He keeps it on the top of his toy shelf. C, had pushed a step stool up to the shelf and taken the ship down (and at what point do two year olds learn that sort of logic). Anyway, when W saw the ship in C’s hands, he stormed over, grabbed the ship and placed it back on the top shelf, moving the step stool away.

I thought the argument was over. C looked down at his empty hands and just stared. I was about to reprimand W for harshly grabbing the toy. However, something came over C, his faced turned red, hand balled into a fist and he charged toward W, who turned around just in time for the fist to hit him in the face. W pushed C onto the ground. The fight was over, as C then cried.

Violence was never a part of their upbringing. So I’m not sure where C learned to hit or even strike someone using a fist. He hasn’t started school yet, so for the most part, his brothers are his playmates and they are usually easy when it comes to him. Must be primal instinct to resort to violence…and hopefully a part of their emotions that they will learn to control.


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