Fake Life

One of my favorite games is the Sims series. I have fallen in love with being able to control the lives of others, since I can’t control my own. This little world of Sims always consists of several gay couples, who I turn into power couples–successful businessmen, doctors, lawyers, etc…How fascinating is my little Sims world.

If only our own world could be this perfect. I think about how we quarrel about such minor things with our friends. How each one of us struggles to be understood, not just us gays, but the population in general. I think every individual has their own “thing”, something which they try to hide or something they struggle with on a daily basis, no matter what it is, everyone has their thing.

Even my Sims has their thing. After about thirty minutes of play, I shut them down. And their thing is, without me, they are no “thing”.


2 Responses to “Fake Life”

  1. rob Says:

    You can’t control your own life? Not even a little bit? Why?

  2. Urspo Says:

    Say, any update? I miss you !

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