New Friendships

I recently met two new gals at the hospital about a month ago. One of my research projects brought me into a different department outside of genetics and cardiology. So these two newbies in my life have taken an interest in me and have shown me how to navigate through their department.

Within a week, they were discussing who to avoid and which persons would be the most helpful in getting my work completed. Last week I bumped into one at the mall and she quickly whisked me away from my agenda and I helped her complete hers. I didn’t mind. I hate going to the mall by myself and it was nice to have the company.

Today from one of them I got an earful of family and marital problems. I can’t believe in two weeks I have become close enough for her to tell me such intimate and personal details of her life. I would never reveal such personal information to anyone I just met. But maybe that is just one of my quirks, building a wall first and taking it down brick by brick until I completely trust someone.

It isn’t that I lack trust in my friends, but I like to build a relationship prior to opening those details to another person. Maybe I should learn to dive without looking. I have never really been hurt or betrayed before. There are not an precedents on which I base my cautious attitude. So I am really not sure why I walk slowly with any budding relationship.


One Response to “New Friendships”

  1. Urspo Says:

    I think this is primarily a male/female matter. I think a man needs to be quite sure and comfortable with himself before he discloses personal matters; in contrast women are quite quick at opening up with personal information. Women share; men don’t.

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