Do You Remember

Today at church, my pastor asked us the question, “can you name one single victim of the horrific crimes that took place on Friday”. She continued to lecture that we know the name of the shooter, know so much about him, tune in to learn more and more. However, we know nothing of the victims.

This made me think about how sensationalized some news stories are. We tune in hoping to find answers, to get a motive, to get more background. With past news stories, we  listened to acquaintances say this person was quiet or shy or maybe even that they never would have believed such a crime could be committed by said criminal. However, we never hear about the victims. The innocent lives taken.

Today, my pastor showed a power-point slide with those names. And it took my emotions to an even higher level of sorrow. I was filled with sadness when I heard the news on Friday. It was on my mind the whole day. I silently said prayers for the families involved. I thought about it on Saturday, when I spoke to my nephews and was so thankful that they were still here with us. But seeing those names, the ages of these victims, tore my heart in two. I could barely contain the tears during the sermon. Suddenly the pews were filled with sobbing and sniffles. Our pastor too, had to choke back her own tears.

This tragedy affected so many people. So many lives are now changed forever. The families who have lost loved ones, the innocent children who witnessed this violent act, and the residents of this seemingly happy peaceful town in which it took place. The media should let them grieve, let them heal. I understand the world wants answers and want clues to make sense of this tragedy. But I feel for this town, who has to turn on the television only to see, hear and relive the event that forever changed their lives. I understand our desire to know, but I think sometimes, the broadcast may not focus on the right stuff.


One Response to “Do You Remember”

  1. Urspo Says:

    I was glad to see you posting: sad to see the topic though. The media wants to sell something, so it naturally focuses on sensationalism not privacy or perhaps objectivity.

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