You Get What You Paid For

While watching one of the Real Housewives reality shows, during commercials, I flipped the channel and happened upon a infomercial. It was for something irrelevant and the voice over said “similar products sell for up to 200 dollars, if you order now you can get one for 10 dollars. But wait a minute, we will send you two for 10 dollars”. Are you kidding me? If this product was really worth 200 dollars, you wouldn’t be selling it for only 5 dollars each. I don’t know why people don’t wake up and realize that these products which we don’t really need are not really worth 200 dollars. And because my television is 62 inches (yes, I am short man who has to compensate) with HD, I could see with clarity that the product was cheaply made.

It makes me think of those knock-off purses that are sold on the streets of New York. Why buy those? I know that people want to look fashionable, but you can look fashionable without having a huge brand name on your shirt, shoes or purses. It is all about the way you wear it. And really, by having those logos, who are you trying to impress. Personally I think some of those logos make something look weird anyway.



One Response to “You Get What You Paid For”

  1. Peter Says:

    WOW! That’s quick, and before New Year’s! 😉

    You’re totally right about those discounts, and they have to fork out money to make that informercial too, and broadcast it.

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