Don’t Let It Snow

I do agree that Christmas would not be Christmas without the snow. However, too much of this stuff is a bad thing. I have friends in New York who are braving the winter weather to get to work, and friends in Boston who missed work on Friday because they couldn’t get downtown.

Although we were hit with some fluffy white stuff in West Virginia, it was not too bad. Our snow trucks were out and about hours after the first of the snow flakes fell and the streets were basically clean by the time I got up for work. I did have to clean my car off, but that was no biggie. Well, I’m lying, I hate scraping snow off my car, but comparatively speaking and because I love my friends in New York, New Jersey and Boston, I’m going to say that if all I really had to worry about was cleaning off my car, it was no biggie.

What I don’t like about the slush and the snow are the jerks who think that just cause they drive some sort of flat bed truck, they are invincible and drive like maniacs on the road. Some of them were barreling down the highway like it was their job, or like they were playing a video game. I don’t know who they are trying to impress or where they are going that is so important. And I really hate saying this, or even implying it, but this word pops up in my head “uneducated redneck”. Is that horrid that I think that? And clearly it is out of anger that I even would stereo-type a wreck-less driver with that word.

But I’m glad that at least in my area, we didn’t get too much anger out of Mother Nature. I do hope this is the worse of it.


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