Happiness in a Picture

One of my friends posted on his Facebook page a picture of a kid eating ice cream. The kid is the son of his friend. The smile not only on his face, but in his eyes told a wonderful story. At less than 5 years of age, his body posture exudes confidence. His smile mixed with what appeared to be laughter exemplified happiness. And the beam in his eyes, said “I am loved”.

This is the portrait of a kid being raised by a gay couple. I didn’t know that this kid was the son of a gay couple. I asked my buddy about the picture he posted. I assumed it was one of his sisters or brothers kids (or else the nephew of his partner). He explained that he was the son of a friend visiting and that just like in the pic, the kid was truly a happy one. It is the reason he posted the picture. The smile and laugh were contagious. He wanted to share it. I suddenly realized that it wouldn’t have mattered who raises a child, if the child is raised with love, compassion, understanding and support, their smile will tell it all.

The pic of this kid, is the subject of one of my favorite posts by my buddy. There is no other way to describe the pic except with the words beautiful. It warmed my heart to think there is one lucky kid. It saddened me to think that there are so many other kids who could be just as happy, if only every couple, regardless of orientation, were given the chance. The gay couple were lucky because they didn’t have to go through an adoption, but were fortunate enough to have a surrogacy.

I can’t wait to meet this couple and their son. 


One Response to “Happiness in a Picture”

  1. Urspo Says:

    I saddens me too, to see great potential thwarted, neglected, or ruined.

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