A Rose By Any Other Name

I have been watching a lot of gay cinema lately–and no not the kind that most of you are thinking of right at this moment. I have watched quite a few films like Role Play, The Men Next Door,  and The Normal Heart. And I really like these films. There are some that are way over the top and some cheesy ones, but that comes with any genre (lets talk about the cheese that spills over from any Lifetime Television Saturday night.

While many of the films have great gay actors, I wonder with big production films why they choose straight actors to play the gay roles. In the movie The Object of My Affection, the gay character was played by a very straight actor. In the film The Normal Heart, again the main character, the gay activist was played by a straight actor. I am not taking away the validity or credit, both actors did incredible jobs, however, we have our own gay actors as well and from some of the indie films I have watched, really good ones too. It just makes me wonder, are we not so accepted that even in our own roles, someone else is also cast to portray the character?


One Response to “A Rose By Any Other Name”

  1. Urspo Says:

    I will take a different stand here. Actors are hired to portray all sorts of characters; good ones can do anything/anyone well. No need for a gay actor for a gay role. The movies about Harvey Milk comes to mind.

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