No Sunshine

One of my friends was telling me about how depression sets in when the days are shorter. I’ve read about this disorder during my psychiatry classes in medical school. It must be awful to have your emotions controlled by the “weather”. I can’t imagine this, I can’t imagine depression for that matter. I know it’s real and people struggle with it. I have lost loved ones to depression and it is heavy on my heart to think that there was nothing I could have done to help them.

My friend told him that just a few days of sunshine helps him tremendously. He usually takes a week off sometime during the winter and goes somewhere tropical. That little trip will do wonders for his psyche. Even though I don’t suffer from depression, I also get a lift out of sunshine–or maybe it is just being on vacation.

I wish there was more I could do for my buddy. I offered to go away with him for a couple days of sunshine.

To all those suffering from depression, please get help.


One Response to “No Sunshine”

  1. Urspo Says:

    get him a light box, 10K Lux. that helps.
    Better yet, meet up with him frequently and go out to eat, drink, and talk.

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