I was eating dinner with my folks tonight in one of the newer restaurants in town. When I got my dish, I thought to myself “these scallops are a bit overdone and rubbery”. I have always been afraid to send something back. We have all seen or heard horror stories about the way food is treated once it gets sent back. I had even asked my Dad to taste the scallop to which he also voiced the “over done and rubbery” opinion.

When the waiter came by and asked how everything was, I replied “everything is good”. I am not sure why I said it. I don’t feel I am helping the chef out by complimenting something I truly felt was not even “good”. I would not have sent it back and by that time I was tired and just wanted to go home. It had been a long day at work and I still had a homework assignment to work on for my masters in public health.

Why are we so afraid to tell the truth at times, and we tell the little white lie? I understand that a white lie may be necessary in delicate situations, like telling a kid that their painting is the pretties one you’ve ever seen, telling a bride on her wedding day that she is beautiful in the camo printed bridal gown, or telling someone that their new hairstyle suits them perfectly. However, i think in a service oriented industry, the service will only get better if we do offer the truth.


One Response to “Truthfully”

  1. Urspo Says:

    Lots of people do this, especially about restaurant food. It is quite ‘midwestern’. Those on the east coast are far more vocal when displeased.

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