Walking Dead

So I am absolutely obsessed with the show The Walking Dead. I pace while I watch it, have read the comics, look for what the authors call Easter eggs to alert me to what is coming. The comics and the show differ slightly, but some of the events are correlated, characters are killed off and new characters are introduced. There are little clues which tell those faithful and loyal fans what may or may not be coming.

I can’t say it’s a guilty pleasure, because I don’t feel guilty for dedicating my time to watching this show or conversing about it around the water cooler in the morning. I have one friend whom I text during the show and they are also as dedicated a fan.

Just thought I would check in and let everyone know what’s been going on with my life…

Also my email was hacked and taken over. I have lost contact with a lot of the friends that I have made over the years during this time. It makes me sad. And I hope that I can find many of you again. But I thought I was safe and that I didn’t have to memorize anyone’s email. Ugh…


One Response to “Walking Dead”

  1. Urspo Says:

    I stop by regularly hoping to see you post.
    I was glad to get your updates.

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