Snow Days

It’s snowing outside and has been since early this morning. I have had friends post on Facebook pics of their rulers stuck in the snow in their front yards. Most measure approximately 18 inches. Wow. I haven’t seen that much snow in years. When we had a little bit of snow on Wednesday–well a little bit compared to what’s happening now–I drove home in my Prius and a ten mile trek took me almost two hours. I was freaked out and immediately did an internet search for an SUV with good MPG. I have only had this Prius for about 3 years and have been so happy with my gas bill (which months to about 30 dollars a month). However driving in this snow has made me nervous. West Virginia terrain is not made for a car like a Prius.
Any suggestions???


2 Responses to “Snow Days”

  1. Steven Says:

    John you don’t need to….. holy COW YOU ARE BLOGGING AGAIN!!! Sorry about that, as I was saying, you don’t need to run out and get an SUV, can you get winter tries where you are? You would be amazed at the difference. I drive 97 miles a day with only a Ford focus and no problem even on the dirt roads in the country. However the all season or all weather tires are no good, no matter what they say. In the province of Quebec, it is the law to have snow tires on.

  2. kristopherrobin Says:

    I think getting snow tires might be sufficient, unless you’re looking to get an SUV but I don’t think it snows that much in WV, or does it?

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