TV Shows and Reality

One of my guilty pleasures is the show This Is Us. If you watch the show and aren’t caught up, stop reading. I just watched the most recent episode and I may reveal an ending you didn’t want to know.

In the current episode, one of the main characters is showing early signs of dementia. And my thoughts are, what if I end up that way. Will my partner take care of me? Will he throw me back at my siblings or nephews and nieces? I know that I would take care of him.

I have made provisions for him. I made my family promise that if anything happened to me, he would never be alone. He has one sibling, no nephews or nieces. I worry constantly that if something happened to me, he would end up alone.

I think about things like this when I see the happy endings on these shows (granted This Is Us isn’t always a happy ending, but the family makes it work).  BTW, the show never fails to make me cry.

My partner is my world. I don’t want him to ever be alone. And I hope that my family always welcomes him into their homes. I hope there will always be a happy ending.

3 Responses to “TV Shows and Reality”

  1. anne marie Says:

    get yourselves a will, an advance directive, and a power of attorney. we aren’t getting any younger. spouse and I got these documents this year so that our wishes will be carried out.

  2. Urspo Says:

    Let us hope so on all these matters.

  3. Steven Says:

    Hey you are writing again you little brat! I used to love that show but I grew tired of it. Dementia is always on my mind now because of my mother, I wrote a slightly disturbing post the other day as the weight of it hit me. I worry all the time because I am alone.

    It’s really sweet that you are worried about your boyfriend and about him being alone.

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