For Lonely Souls

I read a blog post tonight that made me realize that the world can be a lonely place. It made me think about how blessed I am have both mental and physical health. It made me realize that through my family, my partner and friends, I have a support system. There are people who love me and would do anything in the world for me.

I understand that mental health issues, particularly depression, can take a person to places where they feel there is no coming back. There have been loved ones in my life who have lost that battle with depression. I still wonder why. I wonder if there was something I could have done to have stopped it. In one particular case, at the funeral of friend, one visitor said “he seemed happier than he ever had when he left the office”. This comment was met with the reply,  “well maybe he knew his troubles were going to over because he was going to go through with those plans”. My instinct was to scream at them “you just  worked with him, you didn’t know him”. But then again, did I really know him? I never thought he would have done this to himself. I had no inkling.

One of my professors described depression as being under water (this was from something she either read or from a patient’s point of view). She said the depressed person knows they need to swim to the top and break through to get some air. But there’s always a current that pushes against them. We were told that don’t assume a person doesn’t want to get better, that it’s a struggle they fight daily. And were reminded that the mere strength to keep going can be burdensome, but the fact that they struggle to keep going shows some sort of mental strength.

For anyone struggling to get air, to swim to the top, please keep swimming. Know that there are family and friends who will do what it takes to get you where you need to be, where you want to be. Mostly, understand that you are not alone.


2 Responses to “For Lonely Souls”

  1. Sassybear Says:

    All we can do is let everyone we care about know we are here for them. The rest is up to them. The sad truth is, we don’t all have the same coping skills and support system, and sometimes people feel there is only one way to make things better. Unfortunately, we all have to live with the consequences. It’s just sad, all the way around.

  2. Urspo Says:

    well said

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