Mini Rants

I have a hard time coming up with topics to blog about. The authors of the blogs I mostly read are talented story tellers or comics who can eloquently spin a tale. I feel mine are just mini rants.

Recently my partner bought a new car. He was held up at the dealership and texted that he was waiting for them to put the all weather floor mats down.

This made me wonder, why do dealerships sell cars without the floor mats. Two years ago when I bought my car, there were no floor mats and I had to go to an auto shop to buy mine. I was certainly not going to pay the almost 200 dollars for the brand name all weather mats the car dealership sold.

Anyway, mini rant over.

3 Responses to “Mini Rants”

  1. anne marie in philly Says:

    eh, we just write what we feel like. you don’t have to be clever. car dealerships are sleazy places.

  2. mcpersonalspace54 Says:

    Your blog is for you and therefore you should be able to write what ever you want to write! I often feel that I have nothing to say myself, but as Anne Marie said, I just write what pops in my head. When I bought my Toyota, it had mats in the car already. I have never heard of them not being included in the price of the car.

  3. Urspo Says:

    well I liked it
    I regular stop by hoping you will post. Keep in mind thems who like you enjoy any news/goings on even the daily dos. I hope you post more often.

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