One of the things that has helped me has been getting out of my home. It started with a college friend insisting that we have dinner. She wasn’t taking no for answer and so I relented. When I got into the car she asked how I was doing and during a hug, the tears came.

Dinner I thought would be horrific because being out in public and the thought I would break down had my anxiety shoot up. But my friend asked for an out of the way booth in the back. And I just talked–did a lot of the talking in fact. It was good to be out…off the couch and not in pajamas.

And that was all it took. I started accepting coffee meetings, lunches and dinner. And it’s Sunday now. And I have been out and about.

The smiles that friends and loved ones had on their faces when I walked through doors or met them was exactly what my heart needs to help me heal.

18 Responses to “Smile”

  1. Urspo Says:

    I am quite glad you have this.

  2. Bob Slatten Says:

    So good for you to be out and talking with friends.

  3. anne marie in philly Says:

    if you lived closer, I would meet you for coffee/lunch/brunch/etc. it is good you have friends that care about you. you are in my thoughts often.

  4. David R Snyder Says:

    Good people will always help. I don’t know if you know or not, but that beautiful little ballad was written by Englands comic genius Charlie Chaplin, who knew a lot about both tears and laughter

  5. Sixpence Notthewiser Says:

    So glad to read this. Good friends are the best.


  6. Kirk Says:

    Good that you have a support system available.

    Piggybacking on David R. Snyder said, “Smile” is the theme music to Chaplin’s 1936 classic, Modern Times, though the lyrics came later.

  7. mcpersonalspace54 Says:

    I am glad you have an outlet. I downloaded Josh Groban’s version to listen to when I was feeling down about my cancer diagnosis. It helps.

  8. Matt Shifley Says:

    It is great to hear this, JM. I hope the healing and meetings with friends continues.

  9. Bohemian Says:

    Camaraderie during the most difficult of times is uplifting, I’m glad some Healing it taking place of the Numbness. The Stages of Grief can be difficult to bear alone.

    • johnmichael42003 Says:

      I find myself going through certain phases. Some where I am numb, others where this overwhelming sense of anxiety kicks in. Others where I am just sad. It’s this rollercoaster that I want to slow down, a ticket I never bought.

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