Snow…Nowhere To Go

We got a ton of snow. Well, somewhere between 5-8 inches. Perhaps not 8, more like 5 (at least in my area). When I took the pup out on Saturday night for her last pee, around 9:30 p.m., it was cold outside but there was nothing on the ground. When she woke me at 6:30 a.m. for her morning ritual, I pulled back a curtain the grounds were covered. You couldn’t even see the road.

I tried a thing. Salt burns her feet. About a month ago I ordered some doggie boots. She was not having it. She wouldn’t walk with them on. I struggled to get them on her. While she didn’t nip at my hands while I put them on, she wasn’t voluntarily giving me her feet. And then she just stood there statuesque. I called for her at the door but she stood her ground.

I’m glad I had no appointments, no errands to run. It was a lazy day in the household. I played Sims 4 all day long. I was going to read, but nah. I didn’t want to put in any thinking effort. The only effort I made was to eat junk food and drink some cider.

20 Responses to “Snow…Nowhere To Go”

  1. anne marie in philly Says:

    we currently have 3″ with more to come. and it’s now sleeting and windy. temp is 27F. ain’t going nowhere today.

  2. Sassybear Says:

    Rita Mae doesn’t seem to mind the cold and snow it it’s not too deep and will often trudge out into snow if she gets tired of doing her business on the shoveled path we provide her.

    Harvey is totally opposite. He hates the snow and cold and won’t walk out in the snow if it is more than a centimeter deep. If it’s too cold, he will sometimes go out to do his business, then sit or stand and shake and wait for us to come out and pick him up and bring him in because the ground is too cold fir his paws. We tried booties on him as well, and he had the exact same reaction. He did not like us putting the booties on his feet, and once they were on, he just stood there and trembled and would not walk in them. So, we just keep a path shoveled fir his prescious paws.

    Dogs. Am I right?

    • johnmichael42003 Says:

      Harvey sounds adorable. Another thing mine doesn’t like is sand. Took her to the beach and she freaked having to walk in the sand. Freaked even more at the waves washing up on the shore…

  3. Bob Slatten Says:

    Cold here in SCX, but no snow this year, so far. Our little dog, Ozzo, loves to run in the snow, but as he’s getting older, maybe he’s more of a stroller.

  4. Sixpence Notthewiser Says:

    We had nine inches. I know, it sounds like fun, but not when your car is a Hyundai Accent and you have to drive through all that snow. I have seen many doggies in the city with booties. They don’t seem to mind them, but I just can see yours refusing to walk. LOL
    Hot cider and popcorn is my combo of the day.


    • johnmichael42003 Says:

      Yes, I have a Prius. and when the plows come through, snow gets pushed behind my car and makes it almost impossible to get out.

      I wish my pup would wear the boots. She hates the snow and looks so uncomfortable walking through it.

  5. Mistress Borghese Says:

    I got 8″ today!

  6. David R Snyder Says:

    I got over 10 inches!! Snow! I took off yesterday, today I was scheduled off, and now I’m shoveled out and ready for tomorrow. Oh, and the dogs loved it!

  7. mcpersonalspace54 Says:

    We got about four inches in central Virginia. My dog loves the snow, always has. And like you, I took Murphy out on Saturday night and there was nothing, and then violà, Sunday morning the ground was covered!!

  8. Matt Shifley Says:

    I am sorry about all of the snow, JM. I am grateful that all of the snow we have had this year has mostly in the mountains. Good luck with the pup and take care.

  9. Urspo Says:

    I still think if it is snowy out one is supposed to stay indoors.

  10. Kirk Says:

    I’ll take the snow over temperatures in the single digits (next weeks weather forecast.) Of course, if you have both, that’s even worse!

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