Side Effects

I got my second vaccine shot last week. I wasn’t sure what kind of side effects I would have given that everyone I talked to had different stories to tell.

First night, I felt nothing. I did wake up with a sore arm at the injection site. It was like someone knuckle punched the area. One of my friends texted and asked if I was okay/needed anything. I told her I was fine and that I didn’t have any real alarming side effects. That text jinxed me. I fell back asleep and woke up to chills, an achy body and headache. The aches were horrible! HORRIBLE. I would kick off a blanket as soon as I pulled it up, only to do the “need it, don’t need it” blanket dance.

I think the worse side effect was being enthralled by a reality show (yes I normally watch them, especially the ones with feuding housewives), but this was about a beach house. I ended up watching it for two seasons until all symptoms sub-sided. Once the headache was gone, the interest dissipated as well.

8 Responses to “Side Effects”

  1. anne marie in philly Says:

    still waiting for our first shots here. I’mma not liking the side affects. but I don’t like ventilators and ICU’s even more.

  2. Bob Slatten Says:

    I know several people who’ve gotten the vaccine and had no side-effects, and than have read of others who did. I guess it’s just a crap shoot. We get ours next month.

  3. Mistress Borghese Says:

    I too have heard from everyone older I know that got it, has had side effects….and one friend even got COVID again from one of the variants. He was one of the lucky to get the awful Brazilian one and the vaccine didn’t even phase it.

    These variants are going to be the downfall.

  4. Sixpence Notthewiser Says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better! I’ve read of the side effects of the vaccine. Apparently it’s not bad to have them, it means you’re building defenses. Whatever it is, I’m glad it’s over for you.
    And I think the worst side effect was getting swallowed by the Housewives. Atrocious.
    And did you watch one of those shows where they put a lot of horny, vacuous people together in an island? Hahaha the drama!


  5. mcpersonalspace54 Says:

    I have heard that the second vaccine is when the side effects are bad. I get my second one the first week in March.

  6. Kirk Says:

    I don’t know when I’ll be eligible for a vaccine shot. I haven’t really looked into it. This is the first I’ve heard of there being side effects.

  7. Matt Shifley Says:

    Glad you are doing OK, JM.

  8. Urspo Says:

    That’s a good sign in my opinion the body is developing a sufficient immunological response. When I get my vaccine I hope to have similar.

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