Busy Not Busy

The weather has been better so I’ve taking the pup on longer walks. She seems enjoys it. Although I do wish she wouldn’t stop to keep smelling everything in her path. But she gets outside and that to me is happiness.

Something about warmer weather also ignites invites to gather safely on friend’s balconies for cocktails and gossip.

Work has been busy and we are still working from home. I was told we will have a hybrid model and swing desks and what they call hotel desks (you bring your stuff in, but take it all when you leave). I don’t mind this. I think the pets love having me at home. And with my older pup having some kidney issues, she’s gotta go outside more.

I had dinner last night with a bestie. She made the comment “can you believe we are still friends after all these years”. I could. We always had our ups and never downs (relationshipwise that is–we have never fought. Our differences in opinions have always been discussed in a civilized manner). We have gone through major changes in our lives and were there for one another when needed. She told me that she was so happy when she found out I was moving to Ohio and to the same town. I am too.

Walks and cocktails with gossip have kept me busy, but not busy.

7 Responses to “Busy Not Busy”

  1. anne marie in philly Says:

    my spouse is still working from home with no end in sight. the cats love having both of their staff at home to cater to their every need (when not sleeping, of course). happy to hear you are getting out and doing things. thinking of you.

  2. David R Snyder Says:

    The temps were in the mid-60’s here, so my dogs took me for a walk. Walks are very, very good. Sometimes the space around you seems to set your mind free.

  3. Sixpence Notthewiser Says:

    Yes! It’s getting warmer and there’s no snow on the ground. Yay!
    And I think we’ll be working remotely for awhile now. I Don’t know if we’ll be back by August, either. It’s all up in the air for me.
    And isn’t it funny how some doggies just have to smell EVERYTHING? I think it’s cute but it cuts down on YOUR exercise.


  4. Kirk Says:

    I work from noon to after dark so haven’t been able to take advantage of the warm weather, which of course is going to be over with by the weekend. Sigh.

  5. Kirk Says:

    I work from noon to after dark, so haven’t been able to take advantage of the warm weather, which of course will be done with by the weekend. Sigh.

  6. Urspo Says:

    I am glad you are with your besties.

  7. Matt Shifley Says:

    I am glad you keeping busy but not busy. Best of luck with the working from home/office situation. We are still waiting to hear what we are going to do. Enjoy that weather.

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