Music And Memories

I’m sure I’ve written before about how music can conjure up detailed memories.

One of Phil Collin’s songs “That’s All” always brings back a memory of my just out of college days. I had moved to New Jersey and was working in a clothing store. We had a Muzac system (does anyone remember those). And Phil’s song came on. I was helping a wealthy customer, who’s two children immediately sat down on the floor to play with toys they had brought with them. While the customer droned on and on about the quality of the leather purse she was looking at, the older of two children started singing the song. She knew every line and I was amazed. She couldn’t have been more than 8. But she sang the song from beginning to end without missing a line.

That’s All for today.. 🙂

5 Responses to “Music And Memories”

  1. Sixpence Notthewiser Says:

    Oh, totally.
    Some songs are inextricably linked to some events in my life and every time I hear them I remember what happened. Sometimes I wish I had the capability of ‘seeing’ music like some people.
    Phil Collins is linked in my head to ‘In the air tonight’ .


  2. anne marie in philly Says:

    music helped me escape inside myself when things got bad at home. certain songs remind me of people that now have passed on, or events, or places.

    hope you are safe and well, JM. thinking of you daily. {{{{{hugs}}}}}

  3. Kirk Says:

    I remember Muzak. I thought it was still around. Last time I went to the mall there was background music. Maybe it was the original artists for a change.

  4. Urspo Says:

    A lovely ‘all’; I look forward to your next all.

  5. Matt Shifley Says:

    Music does take you down memory lane. I was just doing that myself the other day.

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