Cared For

A good doctor can make all the difference. My current physician truly takes the time to listen and then advise based on the information given.

The office I go to recently went through some changes. My old physician (old in the sense that I’ve been with him for years) stepped into an administrative role. I was sent a letter that a newer physician would step in. When he walked into the room, he looked extremely young. I thought great, this Doogie Houser will now take care of me.

He sat down and did a “get to know you” interview. During the interview he also revealed certain quirks about himself. I got a bit of his own history, family life and why he became a doctor. He had read thru my entire file prior to this first visit and asked about things I didn’t remember telling my other physician.

I had gone to medical school–I went the research route after graduation, I had classmates that had no bedside manner. From day one, we were taught that bedside manner makes all the difference. Building rapport with a patient can make all the difference between a compliant one and one who will either never return or else let advice go in one ear and out the other. I don’t believe bedside manner can be taught. Being a people person is something that is innate.

This “new” doctor has made all the difference in my life, especially these past few months. He gave me his personal phone number and has said that if I ever need to reach out that he’s here. He talked about grief being a monster that can rear its ugly head at unexpected moments so having someone to talk to was essential.

It’s great to have that “old fashioned” family doc, one who truly cares. I wish everyone could have this doc. He’s a rock star.

6 Responses to “Cared For”

  1. anne marie in philly Says:

    TRUTH! I have quit MDs who didn’t give a fuck about me, or who wanted to waste my time. you need this new MD in your life. thinking of you, dear.

  2. Mistress Borghese Says:

    I got a new doctor myself. I have only seen him once for my yearly before the pandemic hit. He is so personable. Hopefully the new generation of doctors will bring back the personal touch and bedside manner.

  3. Sixpence Notthewiser Says:

    That’s so cool. My physician is a lady and she’s very nice. I love her nurses because they give me treats and goodies. I’m even going to ask her about Prep one of these days.
    Bedside manner: fundamental.


  4. Kirk Says:

    I go to a LGBTQ clinic that’s part of a larger public health system, even though I have at the moment no LGBTQ-related health concerns. I just like the fact that a doctor–who’s likely LGBTQ himself or herself–will be understanding if such a concern pops up. Since I belong to a system, I’ve gone through several doctors, some better than others no matter what they identify themselves as. My current doctor is a woman and she’s great. I hope I have her for a long time to come.

  5. Urspo Says:

    lucky fellow to have found one!

  6. Matt Shifley Says:

    This is fantastic news, JM. I am glad your new doctor has a great bedside manner and took the time to create a relationship with you.

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