Mall Food Courts

When I was younger, the food court was the place to hang out. Sittng with your friends (cause you really didn’t have money to shop) sharing a plate of fries (Boardwalk Fries–when they just specialized in fries) or a pizza was the thing to do on a Saturday afternoon. Those of us who grew up in the 80s can remember when the mall was the place to hang out. It’s immortalized in many scenes from Fast Times at Ridgemont High and other 80’s flicks.

As I finished up some errands, I thought I’m going to get some quick food (that isn’t fast food–mall court food is kinda of fast food though if you think about it). So I stopped by our local mall and decided on some fried rice and general tsaos chicken. Big mistake! Big!

The gastric explosions that followed about half an hour later and lasted for the next couple hours told me that I shouldn’t have. My poor pup too. So some may have “accidentally” fallen into her mouth. My partner use to tell me time and time again, don’t give her food from the table. So I will swear that the food accidentally fell off the table. She had the same gastric problems and her’s lasted awhile too. Luckily she let know when she had to go–and it was with urgent yelps of “no time to put the leash on, lets go now”.

Lesson learned. I haven’t eaten in a food court in forever and it will be forever till I eat in one again.

5 Responses to “Mall Food Courts”

  1. Sixpence Notthewiser Says:

    Priceless. I have not been to a mall food court in AGES. I love 80’s movies. Now I wanna go watch Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink!


  2. Mistress Borghese Says:

    So you were musical all day then, is what your saying? LMAO! I have never been a mall person really. If I do need to visit a store it’s like what door is closet for a in and out action. Oh….that didn’t sound good, but you get me. And after this pandemic will certainly never be a fan of food courts again. At least in certain malls.

  3. anne marie in philly Says:

    I haven’t been to a mall or a food court in at least 25 years. you and puppy got some salmonella chicken – EW! hope you both are feeling better now.

  4. Matt Shifley Says:

    Sorry, JM. That sounds like one painful lesson. Hope you and the pup are feeling better.

  5. Kirk Says:

    Well, mall court food is essentially fast food, with the same virtues and flaws.

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