Busy Not Busy

Like most of you, I can’t believe that it’s August already. I’ve been at my new job for over two months now and I have settled in quite nicely. I love it and feel like I should have been doing this all along. But would I have appreciated it this much had I started here?

Columbus has had their Irish Festival. I thought about going, but decided against it. This rise in Covid once again has pushed me back into a bit of isolation. I am pretty careful, have always worn a mask out in public, avoid huge crowds and I’m picky about the get togethers that I attend. I just wonder, when will this end. One of my friends said it won’t ever go away, but become much like the flu. We will have a shot every year and then be done with it.

I am tired of being paranoid about getting it. But I am also tired of people who don’t take it seriously. Tired of all the “it’s not real, it’s just the flu” comments. Alas, I guess we will continue to have people who say it’s real and take it seriously and those who don’t. Isn’t that with everything though?

It feels good to be writing again, even though it’s just stuff and nonsense.


7 Responses to “Busy Not Busy”

  1. Urspo Says:

    Please keep being ‘paranoid’. Thank you.

  2. Mistress Borghese Says:

    Sounds like we both have out hands full with new jobs. And yes, it is amazing how time is different now. People now yawn when you mention Covid. The new terror is now Monkey Pox.

  3. Sixpence Notthewiser Says:

    So happy the job is working. After the pandemic, it was getting kind of iffy out there. And as for COVID, you are right. It has not ended, especially because of some idiots still not being vaccinated. Ugh. Like you, I also still wear a mask when in crowded places. And I don’t give a shit. I’m first.


  4. Old Lurker Says:

    I feel you are being prudent about the virus. It sucks being the only masked person at a gathering, but long COVID sucks more.

  5. Kirk Says:

    No nonsense at all. Good to hear from you again

  6. Sassybear Says:

    We’re with you 100% regarding COVID. We continue to take every precaution.

  7. Matt Says:

    I think having a healthy dose of paranoia or skepticism is quite appropriate in this day and age. Glad the new job is going well.

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