Where Has My Trust Gone?

I’m going on a second date with this guy I met on the app.
He offered to pick me up. I lied and told him I would already be in the area of the restaurant and we should just meet there.

We had a fantastic time on our first date. We talked for almost 3-4 hours straight at our first dinner.

But when he said that he would pick me up, I panicked. My first thought was I would be at his mercy. I would have to depend on him. And I want to be able to leave dinner when I wanted to. I also had visions of one of those Dateline stories. You know, I go out on a date and then I never come back and no one knows what happened to me.

I am over-reacting I know. And in today’s world, where he has texted me, he would be easily found and it’s known that he was the last person I was with.

Oh, I need to get a grip. Dating once again is difficult.

BTW, I am re-watching Glee and I’m enjoying it again. But I really really loved this new series The Bear!! Wow!


8 Responses to “Where Has My Trust Gone?”

  1. Bob Says:

    I don’t think you’re over-reacting at all, but just being cautious. Nothing wrong with that. You’ll know when it’s okay to get picked up for a date.

  2. mcpersonalspace54 Says:

    I agree with Bob, you are just being cautious. I think the show, The Bear, is on hulu, right? I may have watched the first episode sometime this summer, and then I forgot about it. I should pick up where I left off.

  3. Kirk Says:

    It’s a reasonable concern.

  4. Old Lurker Says:

    Good luck with your dating adventures. I agree with the others that you are being prudent. Trust will develop over time.

  5. Richard Says:

    The last first date I had the man insisted on picking me up. There was no second data as the man was comfortable with the economic disparity between us. WTF!

  6. Matt Says:

    I think it is OK to be a little cautious to start things out so give yourself some grace. I enjoyed The Bear as well.

  7. Urspo Says:

    It looks like you are getting good advice here in the comments so I have nothing to add other than dating is about finding out if you want to go further with this. good luck.

  8. Sassybear Says:

    It makes absolute sense to me that you preferred to drive yourself to and from this event. You had no idea how it would go, so if it went badly, you really wanted to have the ability to transport yourself away from there as quickly as possible I don’t think you are paranoid or over reacting at all. Better safe than sorry. I’m glad it went well.

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