I think with this topic  in the press right now, it is time more than ever that we teach the younger generation the impact that mere words can have on a person’s state of mind and their overall well being. I can’t understand why someone would want to cause another person pain. The only logical explanation would be that these bullies themselves are going through their own uncertainties, their own evaluation of self-worth. They themselves may have a low self-esteem and therefore lift themselves up, by putting someone else down. But this is an easy explanation isn’t it? What it really boils down to is a disrespect for another human being. A lack of morale and lack of compassion which was never ingrained in such persons.

People can try to defend these bullies. Words like “they are good kids, kind, with a sense of humor and bright future” are used when certain acquaintances are interviewed. So how does “kind” or “compassionate” help define actions which completely invade, completely undermine, show a  complete lack of disrespect for another human being ? They don’t. I don’t know who taught certain individuals that pranks like this are funny. What was to be gained by all of this. What is to be gained by bullying another person?

It sickens me that there are those who feel that differences should be shunned and those differences should be subject to ridicule. But I don’t believe that it is too late. If we bring to the forefront how wrong it is to treat a person in this manner, if we can make others aware of the devastating impact a few simple words can have, we can save someone else loneliness and despair.


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